Photo by Steve Hutchinson

World Juggling Day Toss-Up at the Torn Notebook Sculpture

June 16th ,2001, Lincoln, Nebraska.

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............................JUGGLING: Pursuing the manipulation that determines the choreography of objects in space...............JUGGLING: Gravity Procrastination........................JUGGLING: Consistent Gravity Resistance......................


Mark's Twister Poster (click photo for larger look)
Mark's 2003 Poster (click photo for larger look)

JUNE 15-17, 2001 (Fri, Sat, Sun)

Special Thanks to:

Patrick Clyne 4: Donating and delivering the Pizza from at the Friday party, Use of the Laptop for WJD on-line registration, staying at the registration table while we all were at the Toss-Up, and everything else he did.

Matt Holland 4: Working with UNL to secure the 'most excellant' Ballroom, Continued contact with the University staff during the event making sure we had everything we needed to produce the festival, and everything else he did.

Jason Koch 4: Being our Stag Manager who gave us the sound and lights we needed not only for the Public Show, but also throughout the festival, and everything else he did.

Mark Wilkening 4: Creating the much talked about 'Tornado' poster, distributing them along with business cards all over town to advertise the festival and the Public Show, production and 'quick' copying of the Show Bills for the Public Show, and everything else he did.

Shane Geiger 4: Donating server space for this site on, Technical Computer and Software assistence, Media contacts, and everything else he did.

Steve Hutchinson (Will's Dad) 4: Orgainizing the photo shoots at the Toss-Up and on the Ballroom stage with the couch and then Donating the one hour developement cost so we were able to enjoy the Prints the rest of the fest.

Paula Brennan 4: Bringing the COOKIES on Friday, as well as, assorted Veggie, Chocolate, Meat, and Cheese trays on Friday and Saturday, also for keeping Jim's insanity to a minimum.

And Some More Special Thanks to:

Ben Schoenberg 4: The emcee work during the Public show, he helped us all have a great time through all 10 acts and 30 raffle prizes.

Ben and Yette 4: Giving everyone a look at a huge selection of juggling props and that most important chance to buy them. It was that great selection they had to haul like lonely burros over several blocks from and to their hotel.

Marty Dukes, Dan Estes, Dwayane, Will Hutchinson, Richard Holmgren, Fireman John, Jek Kelly, Renee Crosby, Ben Schoenberg, Jeff Castle, and Jon Held 4: Volenteering to be our 10 acts at the Public Show.

Harlan Heald 4: Those surprise digital pictures that help us relive the weekend of fun.

Everyone 4: Attending. Thanks for being there!

Thanks everyone,

Rick, Pat, and Jim


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Festival Details

Who: The Lincoln City Jugglers, UNL Juggling Club, Omaha Juggling Club
What: The 2001 Flatland Juggling Festival
Where: The UNL City Union Ballroom, 14th & R, Lincoln, Nebraska
When: June 15, 16, & 17
Why: Our way of revolting against the shocking behavior of skinning eels. * *
How: By empowering our anti-gravitational social awareness.
Money: FREE, FREE Friday Pizza Party! Donation jars will be present for Saturday Party and Sunday Brunch.
Raffle: You could easily be a winner of Juggling props sent to us from around the world of juggling vendors. Tickets will be available at the registration table. GOOD LUCK!
Friday 2PM-Midnight Sign-in and Open Juggling UNL Union Ballroom
Friday 7PM-Midnight Pizza Party & Open Juggling UNL Union Ballroom
Saturday 9AM-7PM Sign-in and Open Juggling UNL Union Ballroom
Saturday 2PM-5PM Workshops, Games, and Open Juggling UNL Union Ballroom
Saturday 7PM-9PM The Public Show & The Juggler's Raffle UNL Union Ballroom
Saturday 9PM-Later Pat's House Party with Renegade Show later To Be Announced
Sunday 9AM-2PM Brunch, Open Juggling and Good-byes UNL Union Ballroom


This year we are pleased to announce our emcee, BEN SCHOENBERG! Saturday night's show will be on the Ballroom stage. Performers bring your best stuff and contact Ben with your acts. Ben can be found at the Serious Juggling tables. Show time is 7 PM and is free to everyone. Help us make this another great event on World Juggling Day!



Raffle tickets will be available at the Registration Table. Winning tickets will be drawn during and\or right after the Public Show (7-9PM Saturday). As of right now we have several prizes, including a set of Dube Phatboyz Juggling Clubs, a set of Todd Smith European Clubs, and TWO Australian YOHO Rachet Diabolos.




Contact us if you have juggling items to sell. We are more than pleased to announce that Serious Juggling is coming all the way from Portland, Oregon to offer a huge variety of Juggling goodies. Serious Juggling is a World-Wide supplier of many brands of juggling objects and accessories.



We are VERY pleased to acquire the Ballroom at the University Student Union. It is on the Second Floor of the Union. There is elevator service, as well as a flowing stairway. The Ballroom gives the event a large high ceiling, air-conditioned space with a full stage. The campus side of the Student (City) Union has recently been remodeled giving the North area a windowed view of the beautiful Broyhill Fountain and green space to the North. The downtown location allows a fine selection in restaurants within walking distance.



Also within a 2 block walk is Claes Oldenberg's 'Torn Notebook' sculpture which is to be, if weather provides, an excellent location for the World Juggling Day Toss-Up.




SEE MAP and more Specific DIRECTIONS

The UNL Student CIty Union is located at 14 and R downtown Lincoln. (the Ballroom is on the second floor) A Parking lot is just Northeast of the Union on S Street. To reach S Street enter from from the North on 16th Street (a southbound one way).



UNL Juggling Club (University of Nebraska Juggling Club)

Lincoln City Jugglers (Lincoln's Juggling Club)

Omaha Juggling Club (Omaha's Juggling Club)

I Think It Roll Under The Couch: (A Nebraska Juggling Club. -IJA Affiliate)

the U N D E R STATEMENT. . .

The Lincoln City Jugglers, as well as, many other Nebraska jugglers are members of the 'I Think It Rolled Under The Couch: A Nebraska Juggling Club'. The Club is an International Jugglers Association affiliate.

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